Identify High-Quality Tenants, Quickly!

Seekhaven’s web & mobile app makes it easy to apply to rentals and complete the screening process—before any other applicant does!

Keep Your Properties Protected

Our partnership with TransUnion provides you with access to full credit, criminal, and eviction history reports for every tenant you screen.

Simple Steps to Share, Sign, & Store Documents

1. On your Seekhaven dashboard, click the “Applications” tab.

2. Click the application of the tenant you would like to request a screening from.

3. On the lefthand side, under the tenant’s name, you will see a blue “Tenant Screening” button, click this button.

4. A tenant screening popup will appear! Click “Next”.

5. Review the applicant’s name and email, and then click “Confirm.” The tenant will be notified via text and a push notification in their Seekhaven app!

Feel Confident Handing Over The Keys To Your Property

Did You Know? The Average Eviction Costs $3,500. Protect Yourself By Using Tenant Screening.

How It Works For Tenants

Background reports are soft inquiries and affordable for tenants. They can easily submit screening in the Seekhaven app, for a low cost of $39.99.

Easy-to-Read Background Checks To Find Excellent Tenants

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