About Seekhaven

Seekhaven serves as a comprehensive web-based supporter for all providers in the transitional living space. As a dedicated platform, Seekhaven offers a range of services and features to support providers in their mission to assist individuals going through transitional phases.

Here’s how Seekhaven contributes to and collaborates with transitional living providers:


People Transitioning out of prison


Kids Aging out of Foster Care


People living without a home


Veterans without a home

What is Seekhaven

Transforming Lives Through Connection and Support

At Seekhaven, we specialize in aiding individuals transitioning from difficult situations like human trafficking, addiction, foster care, veteran experiences, and homelessness. Our mission is twofold: facilitating connections between transitional living facility operators and those in need, and providing unparalleled levels of support and services.

A Unique Platform for a New Chapter

Seekhaven is more than just a service; it’s a partnership for growth and recovery. We bridge the gap between facility operators and residents, creating a seamless, nurturing environment for healing and growth.

Comprehensive Support for Every Journey

We’re committed to redefining industry standards by offering comprehensive support tailored to the diverse needs of our residents. Our team provides compassionate assistance at every step, ensuring a personal and dignified recovery journey.

Join Our Community of Change

Seekhaven is not just a platform, but a community focused on making a real difference. Join us in this mission to create brighter futures and transform recovery experiences. Together, we can make a lasting impact and redefine the path to recovery and thriving.

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Transform your journey in recovery with Seekhaven. Our unique platform bridges the gap for transitional living facility operators and residents, connecting you seamlessly. Experience unparalleled support and services designed to redefine industry standards. Take the first step towards a new chapter in your recovery and partner with Seekhaven today.

  • Job placement through WOTC Grants
  • Credit reporting and restoration
  • Group purchasing agreements with bundled services, i.e. cable, electricity, water and trash
  • Telehealth
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Choosing Your Location

Explore real-time availability for transitional living options that work for YOU

Becoming a Seekhaven Member

Join Seekhaven and reap the benefits of one-click rent payment and assistance in career placement

Never Feel Alone

From accountability to Telehealth services, Seekhaven provides support at every step to ensure a positive transition into recovery

Connecting Seekers and Providers

The platform represents a pioneering technological solution designed to assist operators of transitional types of living facilities, such as halfway housing, sober living, recovery housing, homeless in transition, foster care in transition, veterans in transition, and others, as well as individuals who are searching for such accommodations. This innovative tool streamlines the process of managing and operating these specialized living environments, while simultaneously providing an accessible and efficient way for potential residents to find and connect with these recovery-focused communities.

Seekhaven introduces a groundbreaking technology platform designed to assist operators of transitional types of living (sober living) homes and connect them with potential residents. This comprehensive solution offers tools for reducing vacancy and turnover through professional-quality listing pages and extensive networks, enabling efficient marketing from a single platform.

It features a provider platform for easy, fee-transparent mobile and online rent collection, rent management, late fees, evictions, and reminders, all from one dashboard. Integrating seamlessly with accounting software like QuickBooks Online, it allows for direct export of rent payments and provides real-time financial reporting for each home. As a certified evidenced provider, Seekhaven also enables instant demonstration of financial recovery, career placement, and includes a digital meeting accountability tool, among other features.

List your property

Build Credit While Renting


Seekhaven has partnered with Esusu, an online tool to help you establish and grow your credit

score just by paying your rent on time.

Nothing has changed, really. When you pay your rent, Esusu will automatically notify all three credit bureaus that you’re on time. Sign up and watch your credit score grow!

1. Pay Your Rent
2. Monitor Your Credit History
3. Score For Free

Recovery Coliving Brochure

Recovery coliving is our attempt to reimagine the continuum of care of sober living and help remove the stigmas attached to the undignified labeling of this type of communal living.

Recovery coliving is a modern form of communal living where residents get the treatment and resources they need while staying in a private or shared bedroom in a furnished home with shared common areas. Unlike traditional Residential Treatment Facilities and SLE’s, recovery coliving is an attractive option to those in recovery because of its customized care, turnkey amenities, affordability, and community-focused environment.

Empowering Recovery Through Enhanced Housing Solutions!

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Seekhaven Team

Seekhaven’s executive board and investors and voluteers are made up of people who have over 250 years of experience supporting people living in transition and the challenges they face at the national level. This team has been effective in influencing national policies to frontline support in areas of foster care continuum, housing homeless, recovery residences, and human trafficking. We are an effective leadership team helping to advance the industry!