Easy Mobile & Online Rent Collection Without Any Hidden Fees!

Seekhaven offers Providers an app to manage bed fees, service fees, evictions, and “send fees” reminders – all from one dashboard.

Why Landlords Need Seekhaven For Online Fee Collection

No Extra Charges
Set-up free & unlimited payment accounts

Flexible Payment Options Collect rent from bank accounts, ACH, credit card, and cash

Get Your Money Fast!
Receive payments in as quick as 24 – 48 hours.

It’s Easy To Get Started

Add payment accounts to each property to start collecting & tracking rent – unlimited accounts at no extra charge!

Providers receive funds from tenants in as quick as 24 hours after initial payment account approval

Export rent payments directly to spreadsheets, Quickbooks Online

Set Up Recurring Payment Options That Work For Your Business

Providers can assume or pass along processing fees to tenants Fees are $1.00 ACH or Card feeds are 3.1% + $0.30 applied to the total payment—this includes rent and payment processing fees.

Payment types for all types of investors! Enable payment types such as ACH, banking, credit card, and cash

Set up auto-late fees Enforce your lease to protect your income

Flexible & Unlimited Payment Options, Always

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How It Works For Tenants

Easy to use, intuitive payment app for tenants.

  • Tenants download the app & tap “Rent” to pay
  • Paying rent can be scheduled & automatic with auto-pay enabled for ACH, banking account & credit card payment methods.
  • If collecting cash rent payments, with over +90,000 locations, tenants can use a Chime account to deposit cash & pay via Seekhaven
  • Reward & encourage on-time rent payments with credit boost to report rent to credit bureaus
  • We’re here to help! Customer support is included in the tenant app.

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