Find The Right Residents For Your Property

Get back your time when you can quickly find & accept qualified residents using Seekhaven’s intake process.

Tools To Protect Your Time & Property

Seekhaven offers providers ways to vet prospective tenants, saving you time and money.

Custom Applications

Build your custom Intake Forms or use our pre-built templates to quickly screen applicants.

Custom Prequalifications

Easily find qualified residents with a prescreening questionnaire you can customize to suit your needs.


At-a-glance view of pending, accepted, and rejected applications

View all applications, for all properties in one location

Invite prospective tenants to apply for your property from the landlord dashboard

Accepting applications is as easy as hitting “Accept”

How Custom Intake Forms Support Providers

Invite a prospective resident to apply from their phone or desktop.

1. On your Seekhaven dashboard, select “Invite To Apply For Unit” from the menu

2. Fill out invite form


3. Click “Invite” to send the invitation!


Find Responsible & Trustworthy Tenants

Why Ask Prequalification Questions?

Quickly identify whether or not an applicant meets your criteria before you schedule a tour

Review self-reported responses about financial information, pets, smoking, and criminal history

10-question survey already built into the Seekhaven tenant app

How Custom Prequalifications Work For Landlords

Invite a prospective tenant to apply from your phone or desktop.

1. On your Seekhaven dashboard, click on “Invite to Prequalify”

2. Fill out the Invitation Card with the tenant’s email, first name, and the property and unit.

3. Click “Invite” to send the invitation!

Ask The Right Questions To Find The Right Tenants

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