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Jennifer Gaines

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After Living and working in Minneapolis/St Paul most of their lives, Jenny Gaines and her family continue to make the twin Cities their home. They love the people of the Twin Cities because they are diverse and passionate about social justice. While working at a great non profit since 2012, Jenny managed to build strong community relationships. Jenny is a sought after speaker, facilitator and advocate for women.

Having overcome alcohol/drug addiction, prostitution, abusive relationships, being homeless, having a criminal background and broken family relationships, Jenny believes that no one should be defined by their worst moment or their worst choice in life. Everyone makes mistakes, Each day is a new beginning, and everyone deserves a chance to change and be an overcomer.

New beginnings and a new life are one day at a time process. The daily process starts with a safe place to live, where one is supported, feels safe, and is held accountable and can get the practice needed to transition into their new life in recovery. Jenny has collaborated with her father Steve and Sister Christine to make JCS Affective Sober Housing available so that other will have the opportunity to experience safe and sober living.

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