Build Credit While Renting

GoSeekhaven has partnered with Esusu, an online tool to help you establish and grow your credit

score just by paying your rent on time.

Nothing has changed, really. When you pay your rent, Esusu will automatically notify all three credit bureaus that you’re on time. Sign up and watch your credit score grow!

"I love reporting my rental payments with Esusu.The process is so easy and it’s helped me establish my credit score. Thank you!"

- Daniella Asantewaa

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Build Credit While Renting

As a Seeker, you will be able to receive credit for every payment you make in your new or current sober residence!


For those enrolling now, you will receive full credit for rent previously paid, up to 12 months retro.

Building Credit

Why it's important:

1. Low interest loans

2. Applying for jobs

3. Refinancing debt

4. Qualifying for a bigger apartment

5. Securing a mortgage loan

How it Works:

  1. 1. Pay your Rent

    2. Monitor  your Credit History

    3. View your Credit Score for Free

    4. Qualify for low-interest loans in times of need

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