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Unified Platform

Discover, Connect, and Thrive on our Unified Platform. Explore a world of transitional living support in one central hub.

Streamlined Access

Visibility Matters. Increase your reach and accessibility. Seekhaven ensures that your services are easily found by those in need.

Customized Solutions

Tailor your Profile. Highlight your unique services and resources. Reach and meet the diverse needs of individuals in transitional phases with ease.

Advanced Technology Integration

Smart Solutions. Our technology, inspired by Airbnb, connects individuals with the most suitable housing options, ensuring a seamless experience.

Extensive Database

Unlock Opportunities. Our comprehensive database links providers with diverse job opportunities, aligning with residents' unique circumstances.

Positive Tradeline Reporting

Building Financial Equity. Residents' stays contribute to positive tradelines, enhancing their financial standing for future opportunities.

Community Building

Building Connections. Join our gamified community. Address the 2024 contingent hiring demand while fostering connections between residents and employers.


Seekhaven is a multi-tenant community platform that unifies, standardizes and legitimizes transitional living by combining the ease of internet booking, mobile search, social media, geo-location and gamification to leverage evidance-based recovery modalities.

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